To be the reference point in the production and delivery of high quality products and services in Nigeria.




To use modern technology and highly-motivated manpower to produce diverse Poly-Urethane products and their derivatives which will meet highest standards of quality at reasonable cost and in the process, create sufficient returns for all stakeholders.



Bodefoam Industries Limited, member of JOAS Group of Companies was incorporated in the year 1979 and was incorporated in the year 1979 n was licensed by the Board of Custom and excise as a manufacturer of Poly-Urethane Foam Products. It commenced full operations in August 1981.

The factory is located at AJODA NEW TOWN Km. 12, Ibadan-Ife Express way. With an area of about 30,000 square meters, it is arguably one of the largest foam factories in Nigeria, in term of factory size.



For Primary Production, the plant is capable of processing Ten (10) Tonnes of Poly-Urethane per hour. In the areas of secondary and tertiary production, there are facilities for production; there are facilities for production of 300,000 mattresses, 250,000m2 of carpet underlay and 20,000 pieces of orthopaedic mattress per annum. Other products of the company include; Shoulder pad; Picnic Mat, Pillow, Duvete, Bath Mat, Baby bag, various grades of sponges and dusters and speciality foams on special request. Our products carry the Nigerian standards Organization Certificate for quality (NIS).

Bode foam has a wide assemblage of modern machinery many of which are computer-aided. These include Linear and Rotary horizontal cutting machines, manual and automatic vertical machines, Rotary tape-edge and sundry industrial sewing machines, quilting machines and auxiliary equipment.

As a way of meeting the great challenges of expansion, additional structures were put in place. These include tertiary production plant, modern office complex, raw materials and finished goods storage bays. We also have sand-blasted facility for storing 60,000ltrs of Polyol. To contain power failure the company has three electricity generating sets ranging from 500KVA downwards.

Presently, Bodefoam is installing a Polythlene extrusion plant to supply the needs of product packaging. Our Engineering department has the means of manufacturing basic machinery spare parts. What a spectacle in process integration!



A special mention must be made of this department because Bodefoam is founded on the principle of HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY. Right from inception to date, we have remained focused in upholding this principle. Presently, the foam industry in Nigeria is going through an upheaval occasioned by exceptional rise in cost of primary raw material and sundry inputs. This has led to high compromise of product quality. The dawn of this century witnessed a new epoch in proliferation of Nigerian foam makers. Many of them lack the rudimentary knowledge and technology of foam production. This further compounded the basterdization of foam quality.

In all these, Bodefoam has come out clean as the custodian of high product quality. The company is periodically upgrading its quality control laboratory, to include research and development outfit. When the current phase of upgrading is completed, the laboratory will be the first of its kind in the West African sub region. We would be able to analyse all raw materials, together with the routine analysis of semi-finished goods. Formulation research would receive greater attention in line with the ever increasing multiplicity of poly-urethane foam applications.  Our quality control department is blessed with highly competent chemists and technologists. We test to various international standards like ISO, ASTM etc.



In line with the philosophy of the Chairman of the company, Bodefoam engages more than 1000 people in direct and indirect employment; staff, distributors, suppliers and contractor. The company has trained several young graduates from Institutions of higher learning throughout Nigeria.  Some of these were trained through the Industrial Attachment Scheme and most of them later found themselves as high-utility staff in other industries.

Bodefoam is a microcosm of the Nigerian society, as we have staff  from various parts of Nigeria. Staff are recruited purely on the basis of merit, irrespective of state of origin or religion. Even disabled persons are employed, to the extent their disabilities do not constitute hindrance to performance of their duties, nor threat to their health and life.

To effective play a greater role in social responsibility, BODE AMAO FOUNDTION was established to award Scholarships to indigents Students in higher institution of learning. Through this scheme, several Nigerian students who would have wasted away with their talents, due to lack of sponsorhip, have now received succour. It is pertinent to mention that this award embraces students from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.



The policy of the company on the above subject matter is in line with international standards. Adequate care is taken to bring to the barest minimum, staff exposure to chemical, mechanical and other injuries. Periodic enlightenment is carried out for the staff to expose them to the rudiments of safety in the factory. Safety gadgets are provided, especially in primary production where chemical injury can easily occur.  We believe that there is room for improvement and the company I working in this direction. Apart from first-aid  facilities, the company operates free medical care for its staff and some members of their families.

Fire hazard is the bane of the Foam industry. Adequate provision of fire fighting equipment has been made to cope with fire. The company is independent of public water supply and has water storage capacity in excess of fifty thousand litres, a network of hydrants, a battery of fire extinguishers and auxiliary equipment. Staffs undergo periodic training programmes to update their knowledge of fire fighting and prevention.

With the full knowledge of the non-biodegradability of poly-urethane foam, we have emphasized on recycling technology to fully utilized unavoidable waste products of primary and secondary production. Today, we have the best Orthopaedic mattresses and carpet underlay in Nigeria.

Bodefoam has a state-of-the art incinerator to cope with waste product that we cannot immediately recycle. Further research is going on recycling technology as we believe in constant improvement. The company has received various awards for environmental cleanness.